Dollar Defender is an Open investment Advisory portfolio for a one-time investment starting from US$5000. The Advisory portfolio carries a mix of US LISTED securities, with a portfolio mix of stocks, ETFs, debt mutual funds, corporate bonds, or any listed securities on US Stock exchanges made uniquely based on the specific risk profile and returns expectations of investor

The changes in the portfolio is necessitated based on two parameters
  • Change in risk profile of clients, changes in financial & personal situations of investors
  • Deviation in returns performance of the holding securities, that needs to be replaced with newer and better performing securities in changed situation

The portfolio churning depends on these factors, which can happen once or maybe twice a year, on 10-20% of the holding

The portfolio is meant for generating returns in the long term (Over a period of 5 years or more). Ideally one should stay invested for 5 years

Register your details for a one to one discussion to understand the suitability, subscribe on the FinMo website by paying the prescribed fee online. Create a demat account with a US broker if you do not already have. You can also create a demat account with the Interactive Broker LLC, who offers US market access to Indians & NRIs, buy the portfolio as per the advice sent to you by FinMo on your registered email & provide the proof of buying for it to monitor

Any resident Indian with an investment surplus of US$ 5000 with a will to wait for 3-5 years can subscribe to DOLLAR DEFENDER advisory portfolio. Any of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) or Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) can subscribe provided they have an active demat account to buy US Listed stocks or ready to open one online on their own if they do not already have

The portfolio is a customized mix of securities in debt & equity, suitable to the specific investor and hence the risk profile and size of the investments are different, portfolio holdings can be different to investors, also can vary at different times

To start with, do note that past performance is not an indicator for future performance

The past performance of the Dollar Defender Portfolio in the back tested results for the standard full equity portfolio is as below:

DOLLAR DEFENDER 6.41% 30.59% 99.42% 72.62% /yr 102.21% /yr

The portfolio is specific and customized to individual investors and is not following any benchmark indices per se. The returns in portfolio can be lower than benchmark or higher than the benchmark, there is no correlation to benchmark

The investments in Advisory Portfolio DOES NOT guarantee capital nor the returns. All the investments are subject to market risks, economy risks, investors should understand the returns are variable and is a variant on lot of national and global factors that are complex and dynamic. However, held over the term 3-5 years, such risks reduce considerably

Yes if the stocks in the portfolio declare dividends, it comes directly to your bank account and the broker tracks all of these, it will be shown in the broker reports

The performance of the customized advisory portfolio often depends on the timely execution, that is buying/selling of advised securities. Once executed, broker has to offer real time monitor support to Investors and Advisory that is FINMO. It is also important to ensure clients have the convenience of authorizing and viewing all the transactions. Affiliated brokers provide these crucial services without which the delivery system does not work smoothly.

Yes, you can use any broker through whom you can buy the advised portfolio of US listed securities, if you wish to transact on your own, you are required to confirm the proof purchase

  • Fixed Fee: Fixed Annual Fee at 1% of investment amount or the value of investments on the date of renewal
  • Performance Fee: Up to an annual return of 15%, NIL. 20% profit share on entire returns if it crosses 15% in any year

Mutual Funds schemes are general Investment Funds with defined objective for all buyers of units, whereas DOLLAR DEFENDER is an Advisory portfolio customized for an investor’s specific need. Do note that you have no say in holding securities in a mutual fund scheme, it is done by the Fund Manager. In Dollar Defender you can discuss and are free to follow advice or have the composition changed.
PMS schemes are run by brokers & Mutual Fund Companies are the set of non-discretionary portfolio, same for all strategy. Unlike mutual fund units, In PMS portfolio, the stocks are held in individual investors and is for a minimum investment of 50L. DOLLAR DEFENDER is available from 10L onwards, with customizable portfolio to individual needs

Brokerage charges are the transaction cost that broker charges for providing the Demat & trading platform and related services. The charges vary from broker to broker. You agree to these charges while opening the broker account. These costs are common across all clients. The Current Value of investments, returns in DOLLAR DEFENDER will always be net of all these costs.

No. The only revenue for FinMo is the fee paid by clients. FinMo do not get any commission from brokers, sub brokers or Mutual Fund Companies or any product that FinMo advices as part of its advisory portfolio. FinMo does get operational support in terms of getting the transactional data from brokers for monitoring the portfolio that FinMo advices and to show portfolio to clients in FinMo Platform. Brokers associate with FINMO for providing account opening & execution platform and monitoring services as a distributor, it adds to their business.

Entry Load & Exit Load are charged in a scheme that is managed by Fund Houses like Mutual Funds, Financial Institutions to recover sales cost & restrict outflow of funds. DOLLAR DEFENDER is customized advisory portfolio, hence there is NO entry Load or Exit Load. Only transaction charges from the broker would be there, no additional cost.

  • You subscribe to DOLLAR DEFENDER on FinMo website by indicating the investment amount and paying the fee online
  • You will receive the payment receipt, your risk profile and service agreement on your registered email
  • You open your investment account form the affiliated broker and transfer the investment amount to your demat account ledger
  • You will receive the portfolio advice by email for you to buy these in your demat account
  • You will send us an email with details of transaction done by your broker as per advice.
  • The same procedure is repeated for any changes in portfolio.

Visit click on the register link, register as detailed. Our experts will get in touch with you for personal interaction to understand the requirement and give info about the suitable service. You can subscribe to service online after clarifying yourself on all your concerns.

You can track your investments through the login provided by your broker, alternatively you can also login to FINMO portal and view your investments on FinMO Platform. You will have a dedicated service team from FINMO and also from the broker.