Know When to Stop Working for Money
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FINCHECK - Family Wealth Analysis

We work hard to earn, to give the best to our family and our loved ones. Very often, work pressure does not allow us to effectively manage our earnings & savings. We tend to mess up buying what people sell us being clueless and worry about our future.

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FINCHECK is a unique family wealth analysis service, the first of its kind and from FINMO, a SEBI Registered Advisory. FINCHECK is like a Master health check-up, similarly FINCHECK gives you clarity on your family finances. FINCHECK helps you plan,

  • What do you need to do with your present investments and guides you whether to continue or discontinue, with analysis and logic
  • To buy more properties or sell some of them to create cash comfort
  • How to create substantial assets in the next 10-15 years, that can take care of rest of your life
  • If you already have sufficient assets, how to protect it and create income to meet your monthly expenses

Get total clarity of your family finances. FINCHECK Guides you with action points post discussion with you & your spouse, on phone, online or in person.

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