You have been using Amazon,Google, Apple, Facebook, and the like everyday, why not make the most by investing in them?
Be part of the best businesses in the US, well researched and curated for you to profit from
Subscribe to the DOLLAR DEFENDER, Advisory portfolio of select US Listed stocks & ETF, wherever you are in the world and make your hard earned money grow with expert help.
You could be in any part of the world and still subscribe to DOLLAR DEFENDER
Start Monthly subscription for as low as 250$ per month & add surplus in multiple of 100$.
Dollar Defender Investment Strategy:
A dynamically managed advisory portfolio of high performing fundamentally strong blue chip US stocks to buy and hold for long term appreciation over 3-5 years. Monitoring for periodic rebalancing in terms of weightage & allocation, to manage the change in perceived risk in underlying stocks.
Min investment is $250 PER MONTH you ca increase this or decrease it by 100$, and also add any surplus in Multiples of 100$
DOLLAR DEFENDER Return Performance:
DOLLAR DEFENDER RETURNS*. as on 30th April 2021
Returns for absolute period Annualised Returns per year
6.41% 7.45% 30.59% 99.42% 72.68% 102.21%
10,000$ 10,641$ 10,745$ 13,059$ 19,942$ 31,804$ 61,105$
Advisory Fee:
  • Fixed Fee: Fixed Annual Fee at 1% of proposed 12 months instalment for the First year subscription. If you start Min 250$ p m, 12 month is 3000$, you will pay 30$ as subscription Fee.
  • Profit Share: Nil upto an annual return of 14.99%. Once you touch or cross 15%, for 12 months, 20% profit share is payable (subscription start date month to 12 months)
Subscription Process:
  • Subscribe to DOLLAR DEFENDER, by paying the prescribed fee, The service is ADVISORY ONLY
  • If you do not have a broker account in US, open an online account from the list of brokers shared with you
  • Please note you are free to chose whichever broker you are conformable and get the account activated.
  • If you already have an US broking account or once you open a new one, buy the portfolio shared with you on email
  • You will email us holding report of advised portfolio with buy price, date and quantity.
  • The process will repeat for any changes in the portfolio, all these you will execute with your broker on your own.
  • you will agree to standard non-disclosure & confidentiality clause on advised portfolio