Rupee Rakshak Monthly
Common man’s saving
Rupee Rakshak Monthly: Common man’s saving
Rupee Rakshak Monthly is an ideal entry level investment advisory service designed for common man to save every month. The middle & lower middle class is the one that is exploited the most, in any developing economy. They pay more for every service and get the lowest benefit in return. More often they are lured by greedy “dubious deposit schemes” promising unbelievable interest rate & fall prey to it.

Rupee Rakshak Monthly aims to help you safeguard your hard earned money and get decent returns with low risk. Starting with 20K PER MONTH, with options to add in multiples of Rs.5000, all those who chose Gold schemes, Chit Funds, Bank RD, monthly addition to PF, Mutual Funds SIP, should explore Rupee Rakshak Monthly. If you have money for one time investment but do not have monthly savings, try RUPEE RAKSHAK
Rupee Rakshak Monthly Mini:
Start with just 5K up to 20K per month, ideal for the beginners or those with less than 20K per month to save. All those who chose Gold schemes, Chit Funds, Bank RD, monthly addition to PF, Mutual Funds SIP, should explore RR MONTHLY MINI.

If you have money for one time investment but do not have monthly savings, try RUPEE RAKSHAK
What are the likely issues with your current investment options?
Unauthorised chit funds and deposit schemes
  • Unauthorised cash chits and luring deposit schemes have been around for decades. This has never been a safe option
  • Operators have been known to abscond with the investor’s money. Everyone has a story of known family affected by Chits
What could be the problem with FD at nationalised banks?
  • It’s safe but what about the interest? Prices increase faster than the yearly rate pf interest we receive from banks. Interest rate has fallen from 9.5% in 2012 to prevailing 5.5%
  • Bank rates are on a downward slide, with a COVID affected economy, it further goes down. And for a mere additional 1% - 2% more, is saving in a Co-op Bank worth the risk?
How about traditional life insurance policies?
  • Insurance policy is safe, not suitable for short term. Money gets locked for the length of the tenure. Cannot stop, cannot withdraw. Higher loss if you do
  • No respite from premium even during bad times. Bonus rates are low, sometimes lower than FD
ULIPS, mutual funds and Stocks, what could go wrong here?
  • High fund charges, Admin Charges & insurance charges. Committed to pay for 5 years. High market risk. Unit Linked Insurance plans are good for long term, regular pay
  • Equity Mutual funds are good, there are hundreds of schemes, each perform better in different times. Stocks are risky. Good for only those who carry expertise. Those who trade for short term or intraday most often lose
Unauthorised Cash Chits and deposit schemes - One could lose everything FD interest in Banks are falling, it is lower than the price of essentials Insurance - One cannot buy more, as it not flexible for your immediate needs Share market - Many have lost money in trading and are scared of stock market instruments
Now comes the question. Is there anything else you can invest in?
Rupee rakshak monthly & rr monthly mini comes to your rescue!!
  • Safety of Capital over 60 Months
  • Decent Returns, above average Bank RD for 60 months
  • Flexibility to invest & withdraw free of cost, add surplus when you have
  • Lesser Taxes on Returns than Bank RD
  • Lower Fee than Insurance schemes, ULIPS, Mutual Funds
Safety of capital
You do not want to lose your hard-earned money for any reason Watch how Rupee Rakshak safeguard your money
Higher returns
Safe & stable returns, interest rates higher than from Bank FDs. Watch how Rupee Rakshak generates higher returns with safety
Flexibility to withdraw
You need an option to invest in small amounts and ability to withdraw during emergencies. Watch how flexible Rupee Rakshak is to suit your needs.
Lesser taxes
The gains on Rupee Rakshak is less taxed on the gains on Bank FD. Watch to know how much you save tax with Rupee Rakshak visavis Bank FD.
Lower fee than ULIPS/MF
Rupee Rakshak comes to you at a cost lower than your ULIPS and Mutual Funds. Watch to know you pay less for Rupee Raskahak