At FinMo Community you will realise that life is just not about earning, many of us have no idea what is keeping us from being happy. It is people who think like you, who create and share your passion making one’s life interesting. FinMo Community is meant exactly for that. What would you do if you get 2 lakhs a month and you have no meaningful thing to do? You need to pursue or have something that interests you to make you feel you are living life fully.

FinMo Community brings the like-minded people together and tries to create events to explore new interests, things that you have never tried before. It could be singing a  new form of song, playing a new sport, trying a new recipe at cooking, exploring gardening, some new technology, learn more of our culture, develop interest in philosophy or spirituality.

FinMo Community creates opportunities to connect you with people who have similar interests and explore your areas of passion. Some of the areas of interest that FinMo Community has already initiated are Travel, Home & terrace garden, baking, self-defence, adventure sports, robotics for kids and many more. Subscribe to any of the FinMo Services and be a part of this community of happy families.
FinMo Community creates events to connect you to people with similar interests to explore your areas of passion and these are some of the things the FinMo family explored in the recent past.
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