It is a detailed financial check-up for families to know their current financial status vis-a-vis their future needs to ensure a financially peaceful life. This is the pure financial planning and advisory service that do not involve any product selling. You free to manage your own investments. There are other investment advisory solutions for returns on investments.

It is a one-time analysis of your family’s financial status, which gives a detailed review report on your

  • Cash position: How much needs to be earned, how much to save, how much to grow the savings to be able to fulfill future needs
  • Asset Positions: Evaluate assets created so far, net-worth, idle assets and the need to grow net-worth over the years.

If you have substantial assets and you need a periodic review and advice on improving your cash position and asset position, want us to help you with net-Worth Growth, restructuring your property assets & financial assets, we stand with you thought your life to help you take right decisions. There will be 4 personalized reviews every year, for an annual subscription that is renewed every year.

Register your details for a one to one discussion for understanding the suitability and then subscribe on the FinMo website by paying the prescribed fee online. Chose the Option FINCHECK SOLO if you are resident Indian and FINCEHCK SOLO OVERSEAS if you are an Non Resident Indian (NRI) or a Person of Indian Origin (PIO).

FINCHECK is designed for Indian families irrespective socio economic classification. All Indian residents, any of Non-Resident Indian (NRIs) or Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) can subscribe to FINCHECK to get a reality check for a peaceful financial future

Your details and the first-time review would be available to you. You can use the platform and update it regularly and manage all your finances on your own. It is fine if you do not subscribe to FINCHECK ANNUAL. Whenever you find the need, you can subscribe

You can manage your data and decisions on your own, if you think you are confident to handle it. When you think it is getting too complicated or your assets become larger you can come into FINCHECK ANNUAL.

Normally those who have substantial assets and income, those who are serious about growing their Net-worth subscribe to FINCHECK ANNUAL. It is not that they do not know how to manage, but often people get emotional with their assets, find it easy to have a professional doing this. Also, after a certain age, may be 60-70 one does not have the same energy and acumen to make wise decisions. It is better to leave it hose whom you trust.

People in 30’s & 40’s are busy in their career and job responsibilities and often lack discipline to build assets, might often get lured by spending for immediate comforts. When they are with FINCHECK, the quarterly review with couple remind their earning & savings targets and gaps, ensure they are on right track, spend rationally and save substantially.

Yes. You heard it right. We do the panning for regular cash flow for investments committed for over 5 years. The investment advisory portfolios are used along with Safe low duration liquid funds to create an immediate cashflow limited to maximum of 1% of investments. There are hundreds of families who have been using these cashflows form the portfolio, you can get on a personal discussion with experts to know details.

The returns from a portfolio can accumulated for growth or can be used as cashflows. When you need cashflow, you can take cashflow starting from next month, and wait till it gets adjusted with portfolio growth. Other way is to wait till it grows & then take cash flow.
The Investment portfolio takes a year or two to generate consistent profits, these cashflows in the beginning comes from the portion of capital, till it gets adjusted to profits generated when the rate of returns goes above 12% a year, the withdrawals will be from profits. Returns to stabilize will take some time, but


  • BASIC (For Family annual income less than 10L): Fixed One-time fee Rs.1000/-
  • PREMIUM (For annual family income more than 10L): Fixed One-time fee Rs.5000/-


Fixed One-time fee Rs.5000/- + applicable taxes

FINCHECK ANNUAL: For Indians & Overseas Indians

  • Annual Fee Rs.10,000/- + applicable taxes for Family Net-worth upto 10 Cr
  • Annual Fee Rs.20,000/- + applicable taxes for Family Net-worth 10-25 Cr
  • Annual Fee Rs.50,000/- + applicable taxes for Family Net-worth above 25 Cr

The Financial Planning services in India is often used as a logical reason for selling investment schemes. After the investments are made, it is never discussed. Even if done, planning is often limited one or two financial goals, but not as an end to end financial advisory solution, looking at overall assets/liabilities, income/expense, with a total focus to achieve set objectives with periodic review of the progress. FINCHECK doing all these is a clear differentiator that add value to families.

YES. If you are a seasoned and knowledgeable investor and you are confident to generate the target returns by investing on your own, you are free to do so. There is no compulsion to use any other services

YES. You need to go through the Service agreement and click “I agree” before subscribing to FINCHECK. The services are regulated by SEBI norms for Registered Investment Advisor. After making the payment, you will receive the payment receipt and copy of the agreement on your registered email Id.

  • You subscribe to FINCHECK on FinMo website by choosing the desired service and paying the fee online
  • You will receive the payment receipt, your risk profile and service agreement on your registered email, along with user credentials to access FINMO Platform
  • You need to complete the data entries within 3 working days, with the help form assigned FINMO Expert
  • A meeting online or offline is scheduled and the First Review is discussed, to give you clarity on your family finances under 3 dashboards
  • You are welcome to make your spouse a part of the discussion if you intend to do so.
  • The details of the discussion, analysis, with recommendation and suggested action will be available in your FINMO login
  • You are free to choose the next course of action.