Q1) What is FinMoLite?
This isn’t FD, Insurance, ULIP, or a Mutual Fund. Yet has the goodness of all of them. It’s a new way of Advisor led investing- FinMoLite Wealth Baskets. Just so that you get a lot more from your hard-earned money such as:
  1. Safety of capital
  2. Decent returns (higher than FD in Nationalised Banks)
  3. Flexibility to invest small amounts and withdraw at your convenience
  4. Lesser taxes on the returns (leaving more in your pocket)
Q2) How is FinMoLite different from any other Investments ?
FinMoLite is an advisor led investment, where we advise and you execute, while in all other investments, you buy & hold on your own for years, be it FD, Real estate, Stocks or Mutual Funds, leaving the results to chance.
Q3) How FinMoLIte Wealth baskets offer safety
  • Through a dynamic asset allocation between inversely related assets
  • Like if NIFTY50 ETF falls, Gold ETF rises as shown in graph
  • We shift the money in wealth baskets to earn from whichever goes up
Q4) How FinMoLite Wealth Baskets give higher returns
  • In a 3-year holding period, FinMoLite invests in dynamic combination of NIFTY50 ETF, BANKNIFTY ETF, and Gold ETFS
  • NIFTY50 has given 14% returns pa over the last 20 years, BankNifty 27% & Gold ETF 9.5%
  • There’s no way you can lose or get low returns in the 3-year period
Q5) FinMoLite helps you save whatever you can. And withdraw during emergencies!
  • You can start FinMoLIte Lump Sum with ₹5Lakhs & Multiple of ₹5L for 3 years. You can start monthly savings from just ₹5K per month. (Honestly, if you can’t save even ₹5K per month, reconsider your earnings or spends.)
  • There is no exit load, or any charges for withdrawal.
  • You can withdraw your investments in just 3-4 days when you need it
  • If your salary increases, you can increase your monthly investments in multiples of ₹1000. If there is gap in employment or tough times hit you, you can reduce or stop savings for few months.
  • What’s more, you can even add additional one-time investment (any amount in 1000’s up to ₹5 Lakhs in your monthly wealth basket)
Q6) What about the tax on returns with FinMoLite ?
  • With FD, you pay taxes as per your income slabs (maximum of 30%)
  • With FinMoLite, since the select scrips are held for less than a year, maximum Capital Gains Tax is only 15%
  • You save almost 50% in taxes vis-a-vis capital gains on FD interest
Q7) What FinMoLite costs.

FinMoLite Wealth Baskets Lump Sum

  • Min Investment 5L for 3 years, additional investment in multiple of 5L

Advisory Fee for Lump Sum FinMoLite Baskets for 36 months period:

  • 1% of Investment paid in advance on day 1, for 0-6 months
  • 1% for the Holding value for 6-12months
  • 0.5% of the Holding value for 12-18 months
  • 0.5% of the Holding value for 18-24 months
  • 0.5% of the Holding value for 24-30th months
  • 0.5% of the Holding value for 30-36 months

Advisory Fee for FinMoLite Monthly wealth Basket for 60 months

  • Minimum monthly investment is 5,000/month, with a commitment for 60 months
  • Increase or decrease monthly investment in multiples 1000rs, Add extra one time whenever you have surplus up to Rs.5L
  • Fee is 1% of the monthly investment, to be paid in advance, agree to do standard instructions for monthly payments of at least 6 months. Fee to be paid every month on whatever amount invested, on increase in monthly savings, or one time surplus added.
Q8) How can you subscribe to FinMoLite?

On login with your broker DMAT A/c credentials, choose the Lump Sum or Monthly Baskets, and subscribe in 4 simple steps-:

  1. Complete the KYC and Risk Profile sections
  2. Enter OTP for agreement
  3. Make an online fee payment
  4. Authorise your first transactions, and you are done!
Q9) What is needed for subscribing to FinMoLite?
You need to have investment amount available in your broker account and not in your bank account to instantly subscribe to FinMoLite. Please make sure that you have an active DMAT A/c as well with investment amount in the broker ledger to subscribe and transact.
Q10) What will you as a client need to do in FinMoLite?
You, as a client will have to login to once a week, with your broker credentials and approve all pending transactions within the market hours, which is between 09:15 and 15:30 hours IST.
Q11) What can you expect from FinMoLite in first 6 months?
If you have subscribed to a Lump Sum Wealth Basket, you can expect returns to be negative during the first 3 months. However, you can expect positive returns in the next 6 months. And after 1 year, as per our strategy back testing, you may not see any negative returns. On the other hand, if you are subscribed to Monthly Wealth Baskets, you can expect negative returns during the first 6 month instalments, and positive returns after that. And after more than one year, you may not see any negative returns as per back testing results. It will take 2-3 price cycles in 6 months for you to be able to evaluate FinMoLite.
How do I get to know more about FinMoLite Wealth Baskets?
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