Terms of service

Terms and Condition for Investment Adviser and client

1.The Investment Adviser and the Client shall be bound by all the Rules, Regulations of Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”) and circulars/notices issued there under and relevant notifications of Government authorities as may be in force from time to time.

2. The Client shall satisfy itself that the Investment Adviser possesses requisite level of knowledge and competence to provide services in the nature of Advisory.

3.The Client shall retain sole control and authority over his/her/its the assets and shall in his/her/its sole discretion be entitled to determine whether to accept, reject or implement any recommendation made by the Investment Adviser based on the suitability analysis of the Client. The Investment Adviser’s role is limited to providing services in the nature of advisory and the Client will have no obligation to accept any recommendation made by the Advisor and he/she/it may act accordingly or decide to ignore the recommendation.

4. Investment Adviser shall provide the services subject to the terms of this document and shall be in the nature of Advisory and shall mean and be limited to:

1. Recommending the Client with respect to Portfolio strategy and investment and divestment of Securities and Funds held by the Client,

2. Provide recommendation to Clients on a non-exclusive basis for an agreed fee structure and for a period hereinafter described, entirely at the Client’s risk.

5. The Client shall pay a full fee on upfront basis, as per the ‘WealthBasket’ (plus applicable taxes). ‘WealthBasket’ or ‘Model Portfolio’ as mentioned in this clause shall mean a group of listed securities with weights defined and managed by the Investment Adviser and these stocks are traded at the floor of stock exchanges. Client will receive regular rebalancing updates on these WealthBaskets and need to approve and trade.

6. The Advisory Fees shall be payable in the name of FINMO INVESTMENTS ADVISORS PRIVATE LIMITED. mode of transport can be NetBanking/UPI through the payment gateway provided on the consumer platform.

7. It is expressly understood that nothing contained herein amounts to any warranty or guarantee (express or implied) of the Investment Adviser to guarantee any returns or accretions or accruals to the Client. The Client expressly agreed that the Investment Adviser will provide only services in nature of advisory and shall be at the sole risk of the Client and the Investment Adviser shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the Client as a result of any action or omission of the Investment Adviser.

8. This relationship between Investment Adviser and the Client shall be terminated; on expiry of the term of the ‘WealthBasket’ or in the event registration of FINMO INVESTMENTS ADVISORS PRIVATE LIMITED. as an Investment Adviser is cancelled by SEBI for any reason including voluntary surrender of registration, death, expulsion, etc.

9. The relationship between the Investment Adviser and client shall stand ipso facto terminated in case the client has defaulted to make payment of fees.

10. Client’s relationship with an Investment Adviser under the terms and condition is independent in nature and not as an agent, joint venture or partner of the Investment Adviser.

11. In case of any disputes or differences arising out of this agreement or the arrangement, the parties shall endeavour to resolve through mediation and conciliation by appointing their representatives to amicably resolve the dispute. In the event parties (or representatives appointed by the parties) fail to resolve the dispute or arrive at any amicable resolution within one month of raising of the dispute, the Parties agree to refer the matter for adjudication by arbitration to the sole arbitrator. The sole arbitrator shall be appointed by both the parties consent. The arbitration shall be conducted in English language and place of arbitration shall be Mumbai. Cost of arbitration shall be shared equally by the Parties. Each Party shall bear its own costs towards preparation, presentation and attorney costs.

12. In addition to the specific right set out in this document, the Investment Adviser and the Client shall be entitled to exercise any other right which the Investment Adviser or the Client may have under the Securities and Exchange Board Of India (Investment Adviser) Regulations, 2014 and any amendments made thereto from time to time.

13. All legal actions and proceeding, if any, relating, hereto shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts in Mumbai, India only.