Bigger funds deserve bigger returns. Earn returns from base portfolio & enhanced portfolio
FinOp's investment Strategy:
  • Base Portfolio: The portfolio advice is to invest in a dynamic mix of ETFs, stocks, equity & debt mutual funds. The portfolio advice is for maximising the returns on investments for opportunities of growth in the longer term. This is for investors seeking investment returns in the 3-5 year horizon.
  • Enhanced Portfolio: This Portfolio aims to enhance an investor’s yield by leveraging existing investments in the short term of 1 year, to perform in any market condition and generate moderate and consistent returns by using Vega, theta, gamma and delta-neutral strategies.
FinOp's ideal investment size:
Strategy is planned for a minimum investment capital from 1.25 Cr or More.
  • Minimum 1 Cr for Base Portfolio,
  • 75% Collateral on Base Portfolio +25 lakhs Cash, that is 1 Cr for the Enhanced Portfolio.
FinOp's returns objective:
The Base Portfolio of Equity & Debt is for long term holding is expected to deliver anywhere between 12-15% absolute returns in a year, over a period of 3-5 years, keeping in mind the bigger goal of Capital protection. The dynamic Low Risk Hedge Portfolio is expected to deliver 9-10% returns, over and above the base portfolio.
FinOp's advisory fee for base portfolio:
  • Fixed Fee: Fixed Annual Fee at 1% of Investment amount or the Value of Investments on the date of renewal
  • Profit Share: Upto an annual returns of 15%, NIL. 20% profit share on returns above 15%
Advisory Fee on Enhanced Portfolio:
Only Profit Share, Net Returns to client post expenses is 9-10%
  • Subscribe to FinOp Premium, by paying the prescribed fee on Base Portfolio
  • Open your investment account linking your bank, with associated broker for execution & monitoring
  • Once Base Portfolio is created sign up for Enhanced Portfolio, no fee, only profit share.
  • The service is ADVISORY ONLY which needs to be accessed from client login to FinMo platform
  • Transfer your Investment amount to your broker, get it executed as per the portfolio advice